Watch Cece Sagini ensobosobo

The Plot

Ensobosobo,just like love, is  a Kisii wild fruit that is sweet but rare to find. The song is a fuse of Kisii, Swahili and English featuring a traditional Kisii artist called ‘Nyangau’. The song has a rich afro pop sound inclusive of a kisii instrument called the ‘obokano’ played by Nyangau (You may have seen him playing it in all the Kisii weddings you’ve attended).  The visual tells the story of love between individuals from different clans. We see comfort, we see courage, we see fear, we see drama, war and suspense on the outcome.

The Writing Process

Writing Ensobosobo was a whole new and interesting experience for me especially since the song would be in Kisii. I remember sitting down with my mum to make sure I was writing the right things.

The Creative Process

I was really lucky to have a chance to work with such an amazing team on this project. For sure this was the dream team. The video was shot and directed by Moses Osidiana of Brainworks. I was able to contact Super stylist Kevo Abbra who created the set and styled the cast for the video. Kungara Kenya and designer Namnyak provided bespoke outfits for me and the female models. Isaiah Wakoli helped in art direction and creating story boards. My Fiance Victor Peace did the photography and graphic design for the project. Nzilani Kimani did the makeup and Valary Mdeizi the body art. Babu was our hairstylist for the day. Lastly, I was privileged to have some of the most amazing model talent we have in Kenya; Annah Mburu, Sylvia Owalla, Anjili Laura, Nelvin Chuma, Gabu Fords, Brian Onyango,Kenson Njagi and Joseph Wesonga, Thank You guys!

Ensobosobo is my 5th single and I’m really excited about it and I hope you enjoy it too. Remember to watch and share with all your friends.

Love and light 🙂

Watch here

Watch Cece Sagini ensobosoboWatch Cece Sagini ensobosobo Watch Cece Sagini ensobosobo Watch Cece Sagini ensobosobo


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    This is a chef d’oeuvre, coming at a timely opportune when UNESCO just declared our language endangered. To see that some artistes can still paint a masterpiece out of a resource that’s almost being dubbed obsolete goes to espouse the genius that the artist is. Big ups girls. Aye n’etaya, eng’enang’eni y’ogotoa oborabu as’omosunte. Ochie kare

  3. 5

    Watching this video I feel sooo inspired as an upcoming kisii artiste.
    There is a niche for us out there.
    Good work cece and nyangau

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  5. 9
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  7. 11

    Wow. Breathtaking.
    I love the song. Its one of its kind and am happy a kisii song can also come out that way.

    I love it and dancing to it is much more fun.
    Do another one two and many many.

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