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Ola beautiful people πŸ™‚ sometime this week someone sent me a video on whats-app and it really impacted on me that I ended up sharing it on the groups that I’m in. You might have watched it. The video is of an old Indian man talking about what is the most important thing in life. He gave a practical example by closing his mouth and blocking his nose and at the end of it, his body yearned to breath so it fought back. What I concluded and what he preached said were in sync. Whatever baggage you carry or dim important those are just extras. Life is the most important gift. Enjoy it.

The day went on, I was in high spirits then I came across a Ted talk. By now you know how much I’m in love with Ted talks. So much that one of my dreams, if God sees fit, is to be a Ted Fellow. I look forward to that day ;). Anyway, I came across one of them and it was in the line of trust your struggle. This girl spoke of how she was educated in the most prestigious schools, finished with good grades and ended up being employed as a receptionist. You know how you console yourself that you’ll climb the corporate ladder, she did too but the day never came, so she opted out. With no education background in the new field she wanted to venture in (journalism), she went out of her way to research on it, practiced over and over again and in the long run she got a job she would never have imagined.

During her talk she would point out ‘trust your struggle’ this would workΒ along side ‘Believe in the Process’. How easy is it for you to give up on something?

Lack of confidence is a killer of success. Trust your struggle and believe in the process. Be on a mission. #CeceOnAMission

PLUS congratulations to my big sister Ciki Sagini and all the new advocates who were admitted to the bar last week πŸ™‚

Love & Light


Cece Sagini

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