Hi there!! 🙂

I’m Cece Sagini and I am super excited you’re here. Here is a little about myself. I am a young Nairobi, Kenyan girl ( well young could be subjective, but I am 😉 lol …). I Love the Lord and I can’t say it’s been a smooth ride as His child because there has been days that I’ve been far from him (If you relate say I) . Days that were messed up and you may relate hence having this blog #OnAMission. As I continue to grow my relationship with God, I’d love to share the resources I come across as well as share personal stories.

I’m also a singer/songwriter, music is my thing and I love love looooove it, Victor my husband thinks I’m obsessed with it cause I go extra and talk about Kicks, snares and how the baseline went duu du du duu du, it’s safe to say I’m a music geek. On my fun chilled days you’ll find me on my comp making beats (using Logic if you’re curious) other fun activities I enjoy are; Swimming (always so competitive, learning how to swim for fun lol), performing to an audience, meeting people at socials events, speaking at events, travel and reading or watching motivational content.

So as we go on with this journey called life, I hope you enjoy what you read and get encouraged in most if not all aspects of your life. One thing I’ll tell you is God loves you not matter how far off you think you are, no matter how sinful you feel you are. Go in on prayer, you’ll be surprised how much he has in store for you 🙂

Enjoy your stay here 🙂

Love Ya!!!